Best Project (Mechanical Engineering Department) 2012-13

Computational Analysis of a car with a rear spoiler (Live Project)


  1. Aswinikumar MS (S8MA)
  2. Manu Davis
  3. Sonu Jose
  4. Sreeradh VM
  5. Vijin VS

Guide: Ernest Markose Mathew


The project propposes an effective numerical model based on the computational fluid dynamics(CFD) approach to obtain the flow structure around a passenger car with a wing type rear spoiler. 6 different designs of spoilers that can be attached to a car are suggested. The topology of the test vehicle (Honda S2000) with each design is modeled using ANSYS. The situations are solved using ‘MULTIPHYSICS’, which is the CFD solver employed in this study. After the analysis is completed, the aerodynamic data and the detailed and complicated flow structure is visualized. The wind effect on the aerodynamic behaviour of  a passenger car with and without a rear spoiler and end plate are numerically investigated in the present study. By using a proper spoiler, the vertical stability of a passenger car and its noise reduction can be greatly improved. The design with least lift is suggested as the best design. Finally aerodynamics of the most suitable design of spoiler is introduced and analysed.

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