Eric Kalapura (S7 Computer Science & Engg, 2010-14 batch)

I jumped for joy and got stuck
It can't be a weight issue
I am bones, thin skinned and all that
So why didn't gravity play a role

It must be fake euphoria
Shallow highs I myself created
An allure of the inconceivable
To hide from realistic phases

Doing something you have to do
To do something you want to do
Is a mind pacifying notion
By some failure of a psychiatrist

To put your hand in every pie
And never get a bite
To fall in love every second smile
And then wallow in loss' plight

Sigh, it's probably the age
Not too many eons have we spend
Flitting through life's sanguine tinge
And time is our best friend

The transformation of ourselves
From exuberant youth 
To responsible citizen
Is like a wild west movie - full of shots and sins

Shotgun! He had called
The front seat was his
They drove in holiday spirit
Down roads with twists and dips

Something jumped out of nowhere
They swerved out of control
His side ploughed into bark
And left was nought but dark

He was gone the moment it struck him
No lasting pain
No crys of anguish
Except of those that love him

Deep remorse comes with the thought
Maybe it's survivor's guilt
We did lose a friend and brother
There is nothing that can be done

Only the good die young
The rest of us will live
And pay its price
Memory is all we will have now

I jumped for joy and got stuck
But who am I to whine
There are those that will never jump again
Swallow my pride, I must

We owe it to the lost
To save those that might have hope
And to play out our roles
Live, love, forgive and never give up

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