By, Anjali Pillai (2010-14 Civil)


The radiant smile,

The charming style!

A softness so unique,

That left everyone weak.


She walked with confidence

Attitude combined with elegance.

Her heart filled with love,

Her eyes  held compassion.


She was strong,

Stood against wrong!

She was sensible,

Very efficient and able.


The gentle voice,

The healing touch,

The caring eyes,

With her ,everything felt right!


Yet she was mocked,

Teased and stalked.

Her silence was seen,

As a weakness by the mean.


It was a battle she fought,

With the society that thought,

She deserved no better,

Her freedom restrained with fetter.


But determined she was,

Not to let them win,

For she knew it was no sin,

To believe and to live,

In this world that was hers,

As much as it was of others!

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