By, Safa Saifudeen (CS, 2012-16)


It’s a fire

Destroying everything in its path

Reducing it all to ashes

It scares you

But it burns with such a passion

A sort of wild, unrestrained beauty

It would leave you destroyed

But in a way it intrigues you

So inviting, so seducing

You want to be closer

Common sense tells you to back away

But you have to move closer

It’s almost magnetic

That attraction you feel

You fight it for a while


But still

You can say you tried

Even though you really didn’t

Because it felt so good

Looked so good

Was so good

And so you went

Closer to that fire

Burning with a vengeance

Or maybe it was just lust

You’re in too far to pull out now

It burns but still feels right

You’ve never felt anything like it

The intensity

The overpowering strength

It overwhelms you

Takes you under

You’re left writhing

Helpless to fight

But you don’t even want to try

It just feels so right

The way it is building up inside

Like another fire from within

And you know you can’t

It’s not possible to bear it much longer

And it explodes

And blends with the fire outside

And you

You’re reduced to ashes

But you really don’t mind

Because it was everything you wanted

Maybe you’ve crushed some on your way

Maybe you’ve reduced something to ashes

But in the end

It was all for the best

It had to be


It just feels so good.

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