BY krutika subramanian


Must I listen to my logic, or to my intuition? In a layman’s terms , my mind or my heart? The mind , always goes through a number of processes before it reaches a conclusion. It is hit from all directions by a number of questions  ; “Why? What? When? Where? Who? Yes? No?” . But the heart ? It can take a decision in just one step .it has just one answer ; ‘The key to what makes you happy’.

Your heart is more than just what keeps you alive. It is where your soul rests. It captures and reflects the unique being within you, and makes you different from others. All this is clear from the way you physically touch your heart when you say “I” before bringing your thoughts. When you fall in love your heart flutters. Your heart feels light when you are happy, and heavy when you are sad. You are said to be cold hearted when you show no emotions, and warm hearted when you radiate love. You love or hate someone from the bottom of your heart. Thus, ultimately it is the heart which transforms a plain living being into a unique thing called ‘you’!

The mind is a brilliant part of you, as it is capable of making complicated decisions. During times of trouble, your mind comes up with a number of logical decisions, weighing the pros and cons of the situation, the result, consequences, everything. But the problem with your mind is that it gets caught up in trivial unimportant matters and gets easily affected by harmless marks. If we actually sit back and think about it, there are no emotions called sorrow, hatred and pain. These are just illusions, artificially created by the mind because it thinks too much. This is because your mind is not in touch with your deeper feelings ; the heart. The heart is nothing but a bundle of joy, creativity, happiness and love. Your heart knows just to give, and to give more. It is endless and not limited to the small world around you. If we learn to think through our heart, we become the world’s happiest beings because the heart tells us to do what we love and makes us happy. The mind always tells us only to those things that ultimately bring us gain. Most people mistake gain and success for happiness, when they are actually two ends of a pole. The mind always urges us to compete, succeed and gain. But this might not be what we actually want. Thus, in order to be happy, in order to be at peace, it is necessary for us to listen to our heart. How illogical or irrational it may seem, it is always what makes us happier.

Thus to make the world a better place to live in, we have to think through the heart. This would transform the world into a place where there would be no expectations, competitions, hatred, sorrow, and anger, but just content and happiness. The positive energy that the heart exudes would negate the negative energy around. Thus, always think through your heart, which is a reservoir of powerful love and immeasurable compassion within you. As the famous Hindi saying goes,

“Karo, magar dil se!”

Just give it a thought! After all, if you can’t do it, no one can.

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