by  mervin thomas


I was on my way home in my  regular 4:15 pm bus .The next four days being holidays(as wished by many) became a reason for the bus to be full. As usual I decided to witness  the atmosphere outside..As the bus rushed through the road, the driver was signalled to stop the bus , to let down three passengers. As I looked outside, I noticed a slight movement in the nearby bushes outside , and then suddenly  saw  a motherly brownish cow grazing. The peace on its face was simply amazing. She was enjoying every chew. Does a cow have any wishes in life? But I know human beings have wishes. Nothing to do with greediness but simple wishes , perhaps realistic and unrealistic.

The most memorable President of United States of America, the legendary Martin Luther King himself wished for harmony between Blacks and Whites; Father of India’s freedom ,  Gandhiji  wished for an independent country ;Steve jobs for an attractive and unique electronic gadget..etc. But its not that they wished what they wanted to a “genie” as in the case of the tale ALADDIN. There wishes with time became there dream, and then grew further to become there target and finally began to work  for  what they wished for until they really experienced the same in  life. Always dream and wishes go hand in hand. One who wishes for something would dream his wish to occur in real life.

As I sat in the moving bus I looked onto my watch to know the time  , and it was five past five. I noticed small children running along the sides of the road with great enthusiasm  (wondered what they wished for).I looked onto the sky which was looking forward to change colour . Sky is a wonderful philosopher. Sky watching gives me immense pleasure. Whenever I watch sky, I feel the presence of God and come to know that something divine, blissful is existing .

First rain after a prolonged summer would be always welcomed by all. Rain has different charms in different seasons. Summer Rain is so Robust  , Violent and long lasting . It is usually accompanied by horrendous thunder and lightning. first it is forecast by amalgamation of dark cloud, and then little drizzle evoke the fragrance of soil, then a robust downpour for hours .Simply chewing some snacks with a cup of hot steaming tea and peeping through a window the dance of trees, spray of raindrops etc.

I think, sometimes I must be excused to dream about a wish which is unrealistic. I am always jealous of birds to fly like them. Whenever they decide to , they can have a smooth takeoff and sour high , high in the air embarrassing the cool current of air and experiencing the panoramic view of the world. Another important experience which still remains as a wish is having a  late evening bath in a village pond or stream. Wrapping a towel around , and plunging into warm water, watching the reflection of the moon on the surface would give an unending pleasure. But such beauties of earth remain absent in my locality leaving behind Rubber trees, Standing proudly at all corners.

Travelling in a bus sitting in window seat is something worth doing. I would be extremely happy and thrilled if the ride is through a small city in the night. People would be charming and would  have a glow when we see them drenched in night city light. Sometimes after a long long journey it would be displeasing for me to get down from the bus.

Life is simply a journey .Every moment is filled with experiences, Some we love to have again and again  and some we want to forget for  ever. We humans have wishes to enjoy which are realistic  and unrealistic . In this short life we have every right to have these wishes whether attainable or unattainable without which life would be so hard and too much unrealistic.

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