Life of a Moron


Tony Kurian Abraham (Mechanical, 2010-14)

Life of a Moron

(Once there lived a boy named David. He was labeled as a weak, and a good for nothing fellow by his parents, friends and teachers, and what’s worse was that he believed them. He could never fathom the depths of science and mathematics, subjects which he failed very often. He had a brother who excelled in his studies as well as co-curricular activities, and was everyone’s pet. This too led to him having a sense of inferiority. To top it all, he was not good looking, because of a skin disease he suffered from very early in life.

Friends called him a moron. He was broken, sad and angry at his life. But, he was different! His classmates never really liked him because, for them he was way too honest, and way too “immature”. He never copied in exams, never showed answers to his classmates, and never had any bad habits which many of his classmates indulged in, which put him out of favour of his friends. And the few who did not hate him, pitied him!

It happened when he was in his 7th standard. One day, while he was returning from school, he saw a little girl crossing the road, without noticing a truck coming her way. He rushed towards her, ignoring his own safety and saved her life from being hit by the over-speeding truck, but got himself hit in the process. Pleased by his selfless caring attitude, God decided to send an Angel to him as a solution to all his problems.)

Present: David is lying on the hospital bed. He got his one arm and ribs broken from the accident. It is midnight and everyone including David, is in bed asleep. A sweet and solid sound woke him up. With much effort, he tried to open his sleepy eyes and saw a lady wearing a white gown and a small crown. She had brown neatly combed thick hair. She also had two beautiful wings thick with white feathers which moved like the snow in the mountain heights. She had blue eyes and an innocent smile. It was an Angel. But David didn’t know that and he got frightened by seeing all these stuff at this time of the night. He jumped off the bed crying and the angel had to expend a lot of energy to convince him that he was not dreaming. At last, having no other way but to believe, David believed, that it was indeed an Angel………


D: “So you are saying that God has sent you for making me feel better, or do you have any gifts for me? I have read that angels bring nice gifts”

A:  “No. You already have the best gift, its just that you don’t realize it. I came to tell you that life as it is – is the best gift.”

D:”hm, so… how is God?”

A:”He is good, a little upset nowadays. He wants everyone to be happy. But, he is very sad that very few are happy and contented in today’s world”

D:”oh! even God is upset? Then how can we people be happy? What is the reason?”

A:”You just said it. Nowadays, humans are angry at what they don’t have than being thankful at what they really have.”

D:”Really? But I think there is nothing in it to be upset of.”

A:”you guys on earth still don’t know him. So, what is your problem?.”

D:”A lot. My life is of no worth. I am not talented. I haven’t achieved anything. I never enjoy it. I am just struggling with it. Also I am black.”

A:”What is the big deal with color anyway? all colors are equally wonderful right?”

D:”who told? I think even God is discriminative. See, he made all angels white?”

A:”Haha. It just so happens that I am white. You are thinking too much. You know what? Your looks don’t matter. Some people may judge you based on your looks. But, remember that the colour of the skin is immaterial. When you die, you will get a new skin and new clothing which reflects how good a person you were while you lived here. Its not about being handsome, but its all about being able to lend ur hand-to-some who needs it. Beauty on face is pure genetics, but beauty on heart is something that demands quality. And u proved it son, that is why you are here now.” Her face lit up as she spoke.

D:”Hm. That is acceptable.” David said with a little pride.

A:”mm. Then?” Angel smiled.

D:”My friends and family thinks that I am a moron. Sometimes they calls me so too. They never believe in me. They think I can never do things alone and always push me which I do hate the most.” David almost cried.

A:”Do you believe in yourself?” Her voice went strict.

D:”Actually I do lack confidence. But I cant help it.” His eyes got wet.

A:”If you cant help it, then nobody can! Confidence is something to be conquered. Without it, any small or big thing you do, you wont make it.”

D:”but how?”

A:”Its not something to be achieved in a moment, but over a period. If you are not having it yet, its just because you have not tried it yet. Got it?”

D:”Yeah, now I am getting something.”

A:”Oh. Thank God!.”

D:”So, I am I a moron??”

A:”Not at all. You know who the real morons are? They are those who don’t believe that God have created everyone equal, who don’t know the real meaning of life, who don’t know a universal fact that if you are still breathing you are here for a reason!”

D:”So I am here for a reason?”

A:”Of course, yeah. God wants you to do something that nobody else in this world can do! God has a special master plan for everyone. God will provide you with numerous opportunities so that you can leave your footprints before leaving the stage.”

D:”Cool! So, what about the person who called me a “moron” the first time?”

A:”Ah! He is a classic moron.”

D:”Its my brother.”

A:”Oops! Sorry. I didn’t mean to….”

D:”Its ok. I can understand.”

A:”hm. Its 3.00 am.I think its time for me to leave.”

D:”wait. I have one more doubt. I had this question in my mind from my 4th grade onwards. How does heaven look like?”

A:”It’s the best place one can ever find. There nobody dies and everyone are so young. There is so much to eat,play and enjoy. There are no worries. Every one has a palace and their own white horses to travel.”

D:”What happens if we fall down?”

A:”You wont get hurt. Any one cloud will catch you and you will be safe!”, the Angel exclaimed.


A:”That’s it. I can’t reveal much.”

D:”Will I go there?”

A:”Depends on the choices you make.”


A:”I think its time for me to leave. So, live your life kid, there is not a moment to waste,  enjoy life just as the way it is. See you!”

D:”Hm. Thanks a lot for coming. Convey my regards to God. Tell him I will never make him upset anymore. Bye.”

A:”Get well soon. Bye kid.”


The Angel disappeared into the heavens and there begins a new life for David!

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