Basil Jacob
2012-16 Mechanical

We are all part of a highly civilized and bustling world. People get least chance to be courteous or respectful towards the nation. This is not an ideal situation. But once peoples’ passion for the country is boosted, the condition gets more pathetic and it’s when the world gives rise to what we call terrorism.

Terrorism can be defined as the use of violence for political/religious purpose which if become widespread can uproot the society as a whole. A usual question rising in all of us must be about the cause of terrorism. Terrorism as a n act of violence has been committed by people of all religious and political backgrounds.

It is necessary to study if religion can claim for any prominent influence on terrorism. Terrorists who happened to be Christians in Bosnia, England etc and those happened to be Jewish as in Israel, Palestine etc clung to their religious beliefs to claim legitimacy for the violence and terrorism they commit.

In the present scenario, the infrastructure of the world religions is not anymore limited to regions or countries. We can see more Christian churches in Nigeria than Great Britain, in every city of Great Britain there is a mosque and so on. So these religions can be mobilized for god or bad. There are no more war prisoners or captured land but only massive destruction. September 11 attack or November 22 attacks were not meant for invasion but for creating a sense of terror and insecurity among innocent people.

Terrorism in its varied forms is largely fueled, if not wholly, by religion. There are many followers of a religion but only a few of them are terrorists. If people lived in good principles like charity, forgiveness etc rather than interpretations of principles of religion, the world might be a better place to live in.

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