Since its founding in 1961, the Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, has been a pioneering force in engineering education in Kerala. The past 50+ years have seen MACE becoming the proud Alma-mater of many successful alumni across the globe, dominating all walks of life.

MACEPOST is an ambitious initiative taken up by the students of this institution with two aims in mind. First is ‘opportunity’. This website will  act as a platform to showcase the talents of the student community, because we believe that every caterpillar hides a potential butterfly. Given sufficient opportunity and encouragement, the cocoons will burst open releasing the butterflies. We would also be providing a platform to launch any web applications developed by our students.
The other major aim is ‘information’. We seek to provide the latest news on all events and activities of the college, and of our alumni. We will try to make certain that the remarkable feats achieved by our students get due recognition. We will also be posting information regarding major events in other colleges.

Students, staff and alumni are invited to submit articles/photographs as well as  any relevant news on all important fests/seminars/competitions coming up, that you feel MACEians should be aware of.

So, get ready to dive into the dynamic world of MACE… Here is, MACE, at your fingertips!!!

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