Takshak’12 report – Mechanical Engineering




Mar Athanasius College of Engineering




The Annual National Level Technical Festival of the college “TAKSHAK’12, was organized on 28, 29 Sept 2012. Extensive preparations and publicity, a successful Guinness World Record attempt, first time events like Parasailing, Catacombs, Dirt Track race using ATVs, presence of distinguished guests and the level of competition made this year’s fest special. This was also the first major event after our Golden Jubilee celebrations earlier this year.


Preparations of the fest began quite early with the election of the core committee, and with the proper guidance from the faculty. The fest succeeded in attracting the attention of the masses when our flash mob at the Oberon Mall in Ernakulam, one of the busiest places in Kerala, became a huge hit. It exceeded our own calculations as it provided the perfect platform to promote and launch our fest, as the video of the flash mob got telecast by major news channels like the Reporter, Asianet news, Manorama News etc.


As a result of these efforts, public anticipation had reached a feverish pitch as the fest roared into life on 28th September with a memorable inauguration ceremony. The Director of LPSC (Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, ISRO), Shri.S Ramakrishnan was the chief guest of this function. Our alumni, Mr.Peter P Valeth, the M.D of Valeth Group of Companies, and several distinguished scientists of the ISRO, were also present to wish us well on this occasion. We were delighted at having such an eminent personality in our campus.


All the departments of the institute collaborated and held fabulous events during the fest. True to its royal heritage, the Mechanical Engineering Department, in particular, had a great time and was the front runner with crowd pulling events like the Parasailing event and the Dirt Track race. The Department organized two talks during the fest. Retd.DGP Jacob Punnoose, former chief of Kerala Police, gave a talk on social leadership during the morning session while the Deputy Project Director of PSLV, Mr.R Hutton, gave a highly informative presentation on India’s space odyssey in the afternoon session.

The following events were contested keenly by participants from different colleges:

Sl no.


Number of participants

First Prize

Second prize


Junkyard Wars

11 teams

Pradyoth, Jerin (MACE)

Sreeradh, Aju John, Chindhu(MACE)



12 teams

Bony Babu, Arun Kumar(MACE)

Alex Paul, Abin Joseph(VJCET)


Paper Presentation

10 teams

Prabhu Reji(SNGCE)

Thomas Cherian(MACE)


Machine Assembly

11 teams

Akhil C, Nidheesh Baby, Deepu(ISSAT)

Aquib, Thomas, Sarat(MACE)


Other Events:

Sl no. Event Number of participants Duration of event
1. Automotive and Engine Design Workshop by Paramek, Delhi 40 2 days
2. Parasailing by Indian Adventure Academy 72 2 days
3. Dirt Track Challenge using ATV’s 109 2 days
4. Seminar by retd. DGP Jacob Punnoose on the topic “Towards social leadership” Over 100 2 hours(Friday, 28/9/2013)
5. Seminar by PSLV Deputy Project Director Shri. R Hutton on “India’s Space Program: An overview” About 100 2 hours (Saturday, 29/9/2012)




The highlight event of the department deserves special mentioning. The Department successfully organized a parasailing and paramotoring event in the college ground, which attracted one and all. It was done in association with the Indian Adventure Academy. We probably became the first college in India to host such an event inside the college campus in the process. Last year we became the first college in South India to host a Dirt Track race inside the college campus. This year we went a step further by doing it with ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles).


We organized and Industrial Design and Automotive Workshop (by Paramek, Delhi) providing students in-depth knowledge on the working of engines and their applications with demonstrations, displays and presentations.


Other events hosted by the department were:

  • Paper Presentation,
  • Junkyard wars (performing a suitable task with available materials),
  • Tech-masters (testing overall technical knowledge, analytical and practical skills)
  • Machine Assembly (assembling a fully dismantled machine)


A major highlight of this year’s fest was the successful Guinness World Record Attempt. A team of 300 students successfully secured our institute a coveted position in the record books after blowing a massive 676 balloons in a minute. This event attracted huge coverage by both the electronic and print media and grabbed the public attention.


The campus was busier than a beehive during these two days as participants flooded the event venues and the competition level and the performance bar was raised a notch higher. Several thousands of students from across the state, and some from various other states, took part actively in the plethora of exciting events we had.


It was a fantastic experience for all those who were a part of it, both as organizers as well as participants. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate and proud to have been the organizers of this remarkable event. We are grateful to the Almighty at having bestowed us his blessings to organize such a wonderful technical festival, the biggest the college has seen yet and we pray that the flag flies higher in the years to come!


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